#Ballet & Tweet – S19-20 EP12

Drôles, grinçants, enthousiastes… Le meilleur de la semaine danse sur les réseaux sociaux.


Samedi 23 novembre – L’indispensable Calendrier de l’Avent des Balletomanes.


Samedi 23 novembre – Le joli et dernier point DALS de la saison.


Samedi 23 novembre – Les “Just Fun” de Iana Salenko ne sont pas comme les “Just Fun” de tout le monde.


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😄🙈 Just fun !!! #ianasalenko #turns #foutes #ballerina #studio #6monthpostpartum

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Dimanche 24 novembre – Le point “La danse est partout” de la semaine.


Dimanche 24 novembre – Quelques souvenirs des adieux de Muriel et Alessio.


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Les adieux d’Alessio Carbone et Muriel Zusperreguy 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Body and Soul @operadeparis

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Dimanche 24 novembre – Qui n’a pas eu sa dose de Casse-Noisette de la semaine ? 


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“This is the most technically demanding children’s role in the ballet,” Dena Abergel said of the polichinelles in “George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker.” Here, students from the company’s affiliated @sab_nyc, assume their positions, and then dash out from beneath Mother Ginger’s skirt. “There’s a lot of maneuvering of the shapes, switching positions, mirroring and staying in line,” Dena, the children’s ballet master of @nycballet, said. “It’s really like a whole corps de ballet vignette.” Aside from the dancing, there is the tricky issue of the skirt. Mother Ginger, played by a man, walks on stilts; underneath, the 8 polichinelles perform choreography that is invisible to the audience, but just as intricate. “There’s this person who’s much older than you on these big stilts and in this huge skirt,” Caroline Tablada, 11, said. “And, like, these tiny kids are under there!” Does it make them nervous? “Yes,” Louise Kulson, also 11, said. “You could easily get stepped on.” But it’s all worth it. “The Nutcracker,” at City Ballet beginning Friday, is what “makes Christmas Christmas!” Louise joyfully pointed out to the #nytimes dance critic @giadk, @angelo_vasta made this video for #SpeakingInDance, our weekly series exploring the world of #dance.

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Dimanche 24 novembre – La photo Sortie de scène de la semaine.


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After Swan Lake at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC with American Ballet Theatre (@abtofficial) in June 2019. Photo by Mariam Medvedeva

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Lundi 25 novembre – Petite révision de Raymonda avant la première. Élisabeth Platel comme professeure, on ne peut faire mieux. 


Mardi 26 novembre – Le point “Et donc ça en est où les distributions de Raymonda ?” qui devrait nous occuper tout le mois de décembre.


Mercredi 27 novembre – Nous pouvons d’ores et déjà dire que la réponse est oui.


Mercredi 27 novembre – L’instant de vie des Balletomanes de la semaine.


Mercredi 27 novembre –  Et voilà : on va tous et toutes se mettre à guetter à l’entrée de notre cours de danse si par hasard il n’y a pas David Hallberg.


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The daily class, wherever I am in the world, is a crucial necessity. 6 days a week; without compromise. I hate giving myself class, so I try and find one in any city I’m in. I’ve taken class at small studios, open classes, adult beginner classes; anywhere where there is the ritual of barre and center exercises. •• But sometimes I’m afforded a gift like I had in St. Petersburg, taking class with the graduating class and level 7 boys at the Vaganova Academy. Such an honor to take barre under Agrippina Vaganova’s portrait, in the studio where so many dancers trained, with the great teacher @fethon_miozzi and a new generation of hard working boys who love to dance. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly guys! And a special thank you to director Nikolai Tsiskaridze for allowing me this honor • thanks for the video @o_setro_v

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Mercredi 27 novembre – Les instants Balletomanes au théâtre de la semaine.


Jeudi 28 novembre – Dorothée, Marcelo, et un peu de tango.


Vendredi 29 novembre – La jolie Maman Ballerina de la semaine.



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