#Ballet & Tweet – S18-19 EP03

Drôles, grinçants, enthousiastes… Le meilleur de la semaine danse sur les réseaux sociaux.


Samedi 22 septembre – Les derniers instants Biennales de la danse. 


Dimanche 23 septembre – Quelque chose se prépare, mais quoi… 


Mardi 25 septembre – Parce qu’il faut toujours encourager les bonnes initiatives.


Mardi 25 septembre – Souvenir de Blanche-Neige au Ballet de l’Opéra de Bordeaux.


Mercredi 26 septembre – Parce que l’on n’a jamais assez de Giselle, ni jamais assez de Dorothée Gilbert dansant Giselle.


Mercredi 26 septembre – Le nouveau must-have de la semaine (de la saison) : le justaucorps doré à paillettes d’Olga Smirnova. 


Jeudi 27 septembre – Et l’on n’oublie pas de réviser ses pirouettes pour le World Ballet Day qui arrive ! 


Jeudi 27 septembre – Instants pré-gala.


Jeudi 27 septembre – Instants Gala.


Jeudi 27 septembre – Instants Gala… au NYCB. 


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2: The dancers of New York City Ballet are generally seen together as an assembled company only in costume during or after dancing in ballets. This evening, the company’s fall fashion gala, was importantly different. It began with the company as seen here in this photograph by Erin Baiano, assembled in mufti onstage. The image itself was important. Some were in gala haute couture, others (usually those preparing to appear onstage later in the evening) in casual attire; but here they were as an ensemble, standing while Teresa Reichlen (front row, center, full-length black and white dress) read a speech that was just what both dancers and audience needed: “Good evening. “We the dancers of New York City Ballet want to take a moment to thank all of you for being here tonight at one of the most important evenings of our year. “As dancers, we decided early in our lives to dedicate ourselves to this beautiful art form, many leaving family and friends as teenagers. Our teachers at the School of American Ballet led us through Balanchine’s teachings, and instilled in us a strong work ethic and a pursuit of excellence. Our teachers taught us to be proud and not settle for less than perfection. “With the world changing – and our beloved institution in the spotlight – we continue to hold ourselves to the high moral standards that were instilled in us when we decided to become professional dancers. “We strongly believe that a culture of equal respect for all can exist in our industry. We hold one another to the highest standards and push one another while still showing compassion and support. “We will not put art before common decency or allow talent to sway our moral compass. NYCB dancers are standard bearers on the stage and we strive to carry that quality, purity and passion in all aspects of our lives. “We want to be role models and create an inspiring environment in which future generations of girls and boys will have access to both the joys and responsibilities that we have as dancers of NYCB. “Each of us standing here tonight is inspired by the values essential to our artform: dignity, integrity, and honor.” MORE

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Vendredi 28 septembre – Instants post-gala.


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